Creative Storage Solutions

Creative Storage Solutions

Innovative Storage Innovations

In the midst of our bustling lives, Ziiplus is dedicated to enhancing your daily routines. Explore these five ingenious products meticulously crafted to conquer challenging spaces and craft storage solutions that'll fill you with pride!

They're nothing short of revolutionary!

Top Pick: Slide-Out Plate Organizer

Unveiling an exceptional space-saving remedy that ensures optimal accessibility and visibility – behold the Slide-Out Plate Organizer! Witness the magic of perfectly arranged plates that cater to both overhead and under-the-counter storage needs. These inventive solutions truly resonate with our passion for redefining storage dynamics!

#2: Optimizing Tight Spaces

Introducing our Bottle & Spice Pull Out Rack, custom-made to cater to narrow spaces. With a dual-tier system that smoothly glides out, this rack is available in three varying widths. An array of configurations is at your disposal, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements (and our team is here to assist you in that regard). To ensure unwavering stability, we offer non-slip bases that prevent any movement of bottles and neatly contain any accidental spills.

#3: Hidden Laundry Solutions

Under-sink laundry areas often go unnoticed due to their challenging and unconventional nature. However, with the strategic inclusion of well-placed pull-out baskets (bearing in mind our rust-resistant stainless steel wiring), you can revolutionize these spaces into highly functional zones, even accommodating plumbing and pipes. This transformation ensures seamless accessibility, expertly masking the clutter. And to cap it off, our washable canvas laundry bags serve as the finishing touch to this impeccable storage solution!

#4: Doubling Your Storage Capacity

Tall under-bench drawers often harbor unused areas. Seizing this opportunity, incorporating a aluminum alloy drawer within the existing space not only amplifies your storage potential but also offers transparency to easily view items stored below. Complemented by our clear, effortlessly cleanable non-slip bases, this addition ensures items remain in place and safeguards against any accidental spills.

#5: Utilize Door and Wall Space for Storage

An effortless technique to expand your storage capacity involves incorporating racks inside cabinet doors or on walls. This budget-friendly and uncomplicated solution lends itself to a swift do-it-yourself project. Ziiplus utilizes stainless steel wire baskets, the optimal choice for door-mounted racks, guaranteeing a rust-free longevity. If you're mounting these on doors, ensure a well-executed installation for lasting results!

  • Quick Information Snapshot

    • Our stainless steel wire is backed by a long life warranty, safeguarding against rust.
    • Each pull-out basket drawer boasts a 40kg weight capacity when side-mounted.
    • Enjoy a user-friendly DIY installation or inquire about our specialized professional installation service.
    • Connect with our knowledgeable team today to explore how we can conquer your storage challenges!
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