Arguably the Pinnacle of Our Pantry Transformations!

Arguably the Pinnacle of Our Pantry Transformations!


Revamping a Pantry Riddled with Untapped Space, Lower Section Accessibility Woes, and the Perilous Proximity of a Toaster to a Power Point. Crafting functionality while ensuring safety in this scenario demanded innovative thinking – an area in which the Ziiplus Team excels uniquely.


A Paradigm Shift in Pantry Design: Through Shelf Removal, Witness the Remarkable Transformation Unveiling 30% Additional Storage and Enhanced Back Access. The resulting functionality upgrade ensures a more tailored fit to cater to the requisites of Jen and her family seamlessly.

Behold Our Methodology in Action!

(1) Lower pantry

Unveiling the Transformation: Removing a Single Shelf and Introducing 3 Drawers, Each Adorned with Removable Non-Slip Bases, Resulted in a Whopping 25% Expansion of Usable Space. The beauty of this approach lies in its scalability – you can seamlessly incorporate additional drawers in line with your requirements and financial plan. Our Drawer Organization inserts were instrumental in tidying up snacks and smaller items. Through this adaptive system, you're empowered to customize and fine-tune organization to perfection, eliminating any space wastage in the process.

(2) Upper pantry – RHS Toaster Nook

Unlocking Dual Benefits by Partitioning the Upper Pantry: Ingeniously Harnessing the Power Point to Forge a Concealed Nook Tailored for Toast and Condiments. Thoughtful spacing guarantees the absence of fire hazards when utilizing the toaster, all while maintaining functionality through the incorporation of shallow shelves for storage.

(3) Upper pantry – LHS Slide Out Storage

A Truly Comprehensive Space Optimization Strategy Unveiled: The Upper Shelf Remains Reserved for Jen's Infrequently Used Items, while the Entire Left Side Undergoes a Remarkable Transformation into Pull-Out Storage. This masterful approach has effectively doubled the practical space spanning between the upper and mid fixed shelves.

The augmented storage has been seamlessly rendered accessible, and with a touch of meticulous organization, this pantry stands as a triumphant example of functional excellence!

  • Quick Information Snapshot

    • Our stainless steel wire is backed by a long life warranty, safeguarding against rust.
    • Each pull-out basket drawer boasts a 40kg weight capacity when side-mounted.
    • Enjoy a user-friendly DIY installation or inquire about our specialized professional installation service.
    • Connect with our knowledgeable team today to explore how we can conquer your storage challenges!
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